About the Artist

Ashley Miller

Artist & Designer

Ashley Miller


As a Drake University graduate I studied a dual emphasis in painting and graphic design, but I consider the time I began my professional career to be at age 11. This is when I acquired my first oil paint set and wooden easel. Growing up you couldn’t find me leaving the house without a sketchbook or book. In the pre-digital world this was my escapism. I could pass any amount of time and work on improving my skill set.

I invite the viewer to feel the creative process by I leaving traces of steps with drips, raw canvas, and early layers to be exposed. I find that creative minds are drawn to the analytical side of art. We study the textures, the lighting, the composition. Creative minds try to see deeper into the mind of the creator, imagining how brush strokes where chosen, why elements are exposed, what impacts emotion and time had on their work. 


Right now is the best time for creators and creative minds to experience art. We are in a historical period in time, where art produced and creatives will capture the moment or escapism of this generation. 









Depending on the series, work & styles vary.