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The Process of this Live Wedding Painting


First I setup an appointment with the bride to view the location and get a good feel for the colors and textures. I took multiple photos and we identified where I would be standing at the wedding and reception. The bride made arrangements with the venue to accommodate water, etc. 

From there I requested the bride and groom separately send me photos of what they were wearing. I also requested photos of them posing together. 

I wanted to show up to the wedding with something of entertainment for the guests. As paintings of quality take a lot of time I started first in the studio. I used these images to construct a base sketch of the location and to block in some grayscale photos. Then I took lace, sculptural mediums and started to build out the wedding dress into a 3D dress. I also added some elements of texture to the grooms collar. 

From here I blocked in some base colors to hide some elements of the process and to prep for the guests. 

At the wedding. We arrived early, setup and started painting. I used a lace to cover the brides dress on the painting. Before the wedding I started painting the scene. I was able to capture the colors of the sky, flowers, greens and elements that weren’t ready at the time the photos were taken. 

Here comes the bride! I removed the lace to show a gorgeous sculpted photo of her wedding dress. From there it was just a matter of mixing and painting to capture the beauty of the day. 

Not yet finished. I took the work home and finalized it in the studio with some additional photos from the day. 

This several month process captured a painting that will hold a timeless generational value to their family.